People in Lake Arrowhead Matter to Me

People matter to me.  There are so many wonderful people in this little community.  The folks who have lived here most of their lives are here because they have visited many wonderful places on vacation and, like me, when they come home, driving up the mountain they take a look at the beauty right here and the realize “there’s no place like home”.  This is one beautiful place to live.

PEOPLE FROM other places  own homes in Lake Arrowhead.  One time my Escrow Officer said to me, “Voni, you have the nicest clients…”  and she was right.  The second-home owners on this mountain are some of the nicest people.  Some live in San Diego, many of them live in Orange County, Los Angeles County, a few of mine are from up in the Santa Barbara area.  The people that live in Palm Springs and spend summers here are about the smartest in my book.  There has always been a connection between Lake Arrowhead and the greater Palm Springs area. 

When the “Day Trippers” come up here, they are so happy and excited.  The people who have lived in L.A. all their lives and never visited Lake Arrowhead, they really surprise me, they are the ones who have made me coin the phrase “this is the best kept secret in Southern California”.  If you are a new comer, a short timer, a long timer or a flat lander, Thanks For Coming to My Mountain.  People matter to me and I want you to love My Mountain as much as I do.

About Lake Arrowhead Real Estate

Hello ~ My name is Voni and I am a Real Estate Agent with Coldwell Banker Sky Ridge Realty in Lake Arrowhead. I am a Realtor with Rim O the World Association of Realtors. Twice past president of the Board of Directors and the 2010 Realtor of the Year. I've been actively Listing and Selling Real Estate since May of 1980. It is my passion to help people find the home of their dreams or sell their home to move into a new neighborhood. I have lived in Lake Arrowhead most of my life and find it's the Best Kept Secret in So. Cal.
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